Washington Schools Foundation

The Pilot Project

The pilot project for the Washington Schools Foundation will involve offering financial support to two school districts, Vashon Island School District and Anacortes School District, to develop a sustainable program of grantmaking for teachers that allows the most passionate and able to have paid work during the summer to pursue high value educational projects. The projects will be self-directed and must be initiated by a grant application that is completed by the teacher.

These grants will aim to make possible intensive, collaborative attention to issues so that teachers can devote summers to intensive, high-value work and schools can attract and retain highly talented faculty through a unique program that provides attractive additional compensation. Educators who receive grants will be paid a per diem approximately equivalent to their school salary. This potential compensation will position these school districts more competitively in attracting highly qualified teachers for employment, particularly when the compensation is assessed as a maximum potential salary.  

New curricula may require substantial training of teachers in new methods, classroom structures, and materials. Other forms of grants, such as pedagogical and institutional, provide opportunities to refine and improve other systems such as communication, calendar, organization, environment, and hiring for example. These opportunities will give teachers time to evaluate new curricula or methods critically and in detail to determine whether, to what degree, and in what ways these possible directions can be successfully implemented by a particular group of teachers or for a specific student population.


An Advisory Committee will consider proposals, monitor the program, review procedures on an annual basis, and serve as s forum to generate potential ideas for projects. Strong faculty representation (two per division) will ensure credibility with the faculty at large; inclusion of the Superintendents, principals, and board members of the Foundation will ensure a broader institutional perspective.

Anacortes School District                                                                               Vashon Island School District