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The Washington Schools Foundation supports K-12 educator professional development and collaboration in the State of Washington. We give grants to pay teachers to work during the summer months on reflecting, developing, and building on their professional goals and those of the schools they serve.   

Our pilot project began with the faculties of the  Vashon and Anacortes School Districts in the Summer of 2012. 

We received twenty-three applications for grant stipends within seventeen grants for our first year. Each were thoughtful proposals, infused with passion, and all merited substantial consideration and deliberation from the committee.  There was proposed: curricular overhauls, a rethinking of the cognitive basis of teaching humanities, proposed partnerships with the technology industry to redesign how information is presented to students, the outline of a design for a K-12 food curriculum in partnership with food professionals, and a proposal to write a new book on comparative religion for beginners among other very strong proposals. It was extraordinary, but only three could be awarded. This was not easy for the four teacher committee to decide.

The 2012 Grant Recipients are:

Kay Bacetich, Brian Backman and Michele Feist.  Development of a New Ninth Grade English Curriculum  (using, in part, principles of Individual Determination and with reference to the Core Curriculum)

Patty Gregorich. Development of a New Sixth Grade Humanities Curriculum (using principles of The Comprehension Toolkit and Habits of Mind)

These teachers were contracted in the summer to dedicate their energies to developing and presenting these ideas for the benefit of the students that they teach and, ultimately, we hope students in a much wider sphere. Each produced plans, curriculum and tools that are being used actively in their districts. 

Applications for 2013 are not yet being accepted as we evaluate our funding.


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